Whatever work you do, you can do it faster with Desktop Zero

The ScreenomeX productivity suite gives your team the superhuman data access and recall abilities you need to do your best work.
The power of recall

Desktop Zero - freeze whatever you’re working on and recall it with one click at a later time.

ScreenomeX lets you close out your current workspace so you can switch to another and do something else. Whenever you pull up a workspace, all your windows, applications, and messages are perfectly restored exactly the way you froze them, no saving necessary.

Tagging is not only for photos

Smart tagging lets you keep track of what’s important – whether it’s a web page, an email, or a PDF, tag it to find and share things faster than ever.

It gets even better, ScreenomeX detects a wide range of important interactions and allows you to create custom highlights, making revisiting moments that matter a piece of cake.
Tagging is not only for photos

Recall anything that crossed your screen

Watch in real time how you edited that photo, fixed that code, or solved that puzzle. ScreenomeX allows you to rewind to any moment and replay how you arrived at your final destination.

Revisit and recall every moment in time on your screen. Search across applications and devices. See and understand patterns.
Watch in real time

ScreenomeX plays well with others

ScreenomeX works with all the apps, websites, and services you love.
No account authorizations required.


This is just a sample of the services ScreenomeX works with. If you find content that isn’t working with ScreenomeX, email us.

Pricing that makes sense

$ 0 /per
  • 14 days of Recall Memory
  • Fully local, the information never leaves your hardrive
  • No cloud access needed
  • No hidden costs
$ 9 /per
  • 1 Year of Recall Memory
  • 1 year’s worth of encrypted remote storage to safeguard your Screenome
$ 19 /per
  • Unlimited years of Recall Memory
  • Unlimited amount of encrypted remote storage to safeguard your Screenome
  • Early access to new ScreenomeX features

If you’ve seen it once, it has been saved to your timeline and you can access it anytime – online or off.

We call it The Power of recall vs. "I know I had that link somewhere"