What is in a Screenome?

You may not realize it, but you and everyone else has a “screenome.”

Think of it this way: Your genome is your physical DNA – the code that runs your body. Similarly, your screenome is your digital DNA.

Now that we live much of our lives through screens, we each have a core digital essence of who we are and how we exist online. This code behind the digital self is your screenome.

Ultimately, your complete screenome is your digital self. In time, you’ll have a digital version of you that will understand and mimic how your brain thinks.

Imagine the products and services that a screenome would enable – personal productivity, mental health, better matches for dating or hiring..

Innovators can see these possibilities. But none of it can happen without a way to close the screenome data gap.

At ScreenomeX, we’re building the tools and applications that will bring screenomics to the world.