The visual history of your digital life

/skree-nowm eks/

Revisit and recall every moment in time on your screen.
Search across applications and devices.
See and understand patterns.

Whether it was last week or last year.

The power of recall in your hand

The Power of recall vs. "I know I had that link somewhere"

Our digital lives are chaotic and cluttered -- with links, tabs, files, photos, and more.

While some brave souls try to keep track of this clutter by using sticky notes, keeping their bookmarks in order, and their browser tabs in check, most of us do not. How much time do we spend hunting down answers to questions we’ve already answered, content we’ve already sent and documents that should be at our fingertips?

That's why we built ScreenomeX.
The power of recall
Find what your’re looking for

One Search for Everything

Our digital lifes are more than just files.
They’re the web pages, apps, emails, texts, chats, and ideas we create and use every day.

Our highly advanced search helps you find those moments in time in a snap.
One Search for Everything
All the tools you love

ScreenomeX plays well with others


ScreenomeX works with all the apps, websites, and services you love.
No account authorization needed. If you do find content it doesn’t support, email us.

How ScreenomeX improves workflows

ScreenomeX changes how power users work

Search, simplified
Search, simplified

ScreenomeX’s powerful search lets you find what you’re looking for, even when you don’t quite know how to search for it. You can even search by color or shape.
Let go of your tabs
Let go of your tabs

You can finally close out of that tab you’ve had open for three weeks. ScreenomeX lets you recall any moment on your screen -- no bookmarking necessary.
Instant replay, on demand
Instant replay, on demand

Watch in real time how you edited that photo, fixed that code, or solved that puzzle. ScreenomeX allows you to rewind to any moment and replay how you arrived at your final destination.

Highlight what's important to you

Not all moments are created equal – whether it’s a post you’ve liked, a purchase you’ve made, or checking into that Hawaii flight, special moments require special attention.

ScreenomeX detects a wide range of important interactions and allows you to create custom highlights,making revisiting moments that matter a piece of cake.
Icon video
Icon music
Icon capture
Icon email
Icon purchase
Icon more
and more
Like captured!
Highlight what's important to you
Keep what's Private, Private

Keep what's Private, Private

You control what you want ScreenomeX to remember and what it should ignore.

Additionally ScreenomeX works completely locally! What does that mean? It means that ScreenomeX stores your complete visual history and all associated data exclusively on your own computer.

Thanks to our highly advanced compression algorithm, no cloud access is needed.
Keep what's Private, Private

Security that goes above and beyond

If you’d like to offload your visual history to save space on your local computer, we offer end-to-end encrypted, Apple-grade storage at our IS027001 and HIPAA-certified datacenters.

Through the end-to-end encrypted architecture, your data is only accessible to you through the use of your own private key.

Using our cloud service is fully optional and ScreenomeX works perfectly without it.
Security that goes above and beyond
Works perfectly without the cloud
No loss of performance

Minimal Resource Usage

Resource usage
Low CPU Usage
Our patent pending tech uses less CPU than a single browser tab. No matter how many applications you use in parallel.
Battery drain
No Battery Drain
Keep your charge, ScreenomeX’sintelligent resource management ensures your battery stays fresh.
Years of memory
20 Years Of Memory
Strong encryption and smart storage technology keeps your visual history safe for up to 20 years!
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Everyone has a Screenome, ScreenomeX makes it visible

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Can I use it for free? Yes you can!

Pricing that makes sense

$ 0 /per
  • 14 days of Recall Memory
  • Fully local, the information never leaves your hardrive
  • No cloud access needed
  • No hidden costs
$ 9 /per
  • 1 Year of Recall Memory
  • 1 year’s worth of encrypted remote storage to safeguard your Screenome
$ 19 /per
  • Unlimited years of Recall Memory
  • Unlimited amount of encrypted remote storage to safeguard your Screenome
  • Early access to new ScreenomeX features
Still reading? Discover the next Frontier!

A new Science:

The study of screenomics is being pioneered by the The Screenomics Lab at Stanford University. We’ve partnered with Stanford to innovate and research in this space.

The Stanford Screenomics Lab defines the digital Screenome as a unique individual record of experiences that constitute psychological and social life on digital devices with screens. The study of the Screenome is screenomics.

Like the genome from biology, the Screenome has a standardized structure. It’s made up of everything from our smartphone and laptop screens to our TVs, “with information sequences describing temporal organization, content, functions and context of person-screen interactions.”
A new Science
What about companies?

ScreenomeX is great for individuals as well as entire organizations.

Get the full picture, ScreenomeX Enterprise helps you to visualize and understand company patterns
and contexts while empowering employees with access to their individual Screenome.

Everyone has a Screenome, ScreenomeX makes it visible

Request an invite & meet your Screenome